Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural & Integrative Therapies.

The Treatment Models. 
  The Clients. 
Three modes of therapy, formulated collaboratively to fit individual needs. 

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"I came to Tristan in 2014, I was battling with personal issues ranging from drug addiction, depression to sexuality issues and general living problems. Tristan and I explored my past traumas and how they influenced my interactions with life today, we also worked through some very painful feelings and negative beliefs I had about myself, this world and the people closest to me. It was refreshing to be able to be able to be totally honest with Tristan, even in the relationship we had together as therapist and client, and worked through any issues which surfaced between us. It showed me how my relationship with my therapist was an example of working through relationships with others outside of the room. Tristan is a very professional, passionate and compassionate therapist, who helped me to better manage my emotions through CBT and psychodynamic therapy. I learnt how many of the feelings I had been experiencing were also being experienced by other people and that everyone experiences rejections and fears. I certainly built a solid recovery foundation with Tristan over the year I spent coming to him, and continue to grow in a positive light. I would recommend Tristan, especially to the LGBT community"

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