The Clients.

Clients seek help for all kinds of difficulties, or obstacles, which they may find keep them from leading fuller, more satisfying lives. These problems have a great degree of range. Some clients may seek help with social anxiety, panic episodes, matters concerning ‘coming out’, problems with intimacy, or relational difficulties. Some may experience that their cultural origins may be at odds with matters of how they wish to live, including issues of discrimination. Others have histories of trauma or abuse that they wish to work through and come to terms with. There may also be self-destructive behaviours that manifest as addiction problems that are being driven by a variety of underlying issues. Others yet may experience problems with effective communication skills and/or assertiveness. I have conducted hundreds sessions working with clients with these difficulties, and nothing is taboo to talk about in my consulting room. I have an unconditional positive regard for all my clients and do not judge them on whatever issues they bring to therapy. The important aspect is that clients are motivated towards their treatment, so that we can work together to help resolve their issues, whether those be characterological change or symptom relief. Matters of utmost confidentiality are adhered to at all times.